Defining "Surface Cleaning"

Surface cleaning refers to the eradication of dirt (cumulated dust, litter, etc.) from the flat floors, walls, pillars, wall air vents, over-hanging signs, fire sprinkler systems, and all features in the commercial building parking base space.  

Defining "Air Cleaning"

The dust that has escaped from the main source results in air-borne pollution. Our methodology allows that we trap as much escaped or loose dust as possible, thereby binding it into "no dust form" type output. This we realize through a process of pelletizing either in ball form or bricket form output. These pellets are thus re-usable for further production purposes.
This to us is "Air Mining".

Benefits To Our Clients

We usually use demon/grey water.
Fast, accurate and hassle free cleaning experience.
Tremendous contribution to saving our environment using eco-friendly means.
Use of world-class dust control formula.